• Free Wordpress Theme - Blue Vector
  • Posted by: Ophelia
    This one is called Blue Vector

  • Free Wordpress Theme - Creation
  • Posted by: Ophelia
    Hi everyone this is my latest release- It is called Creation- Hope you enjoy.

  • Making money via redlights
  • Posted by: Ophelia
    I was just reading this on yahoo where a few cities are manipulating the red lights- Ouch- This apparently boosts ticket revenues because it gives drivers alot less time to stop. Now that just isn’t right- I wonder if this has ever happened to me and if it did- How would I even know? Is it legal to do something like this? One city apparently was forced to repay $8,800 it collected in fees. WOW!! What do you think about this? Wie steht es mit der Zahl der Lander, in denen verkauft wird? Comments-4>>>>

  • Free Wordpress Theme- Poker Chips
  • Posted by: Ophelia Comments-3>>>>

  • Free Wordpress Theme- Mountain Biking
  • Posted by: Ophelia
    My first sports theme- Hope you enjoy- theme is widget ready and unique.

  • So tired of people stealing my designs!
  • Posted by: Ophelia
    I’m so tired this morning of people ripping off my designs- It really just makes me want to give up on this whole thing- Today I got an email wanting help to fix a theme which I’m always happy to help fix my stuff as that only makes me have better stuff and less things to fix as time goes on- I checked out the guy’s site and he indeed had my theme but when I checked the footer - thedomainingblog.com my links were nowhere there but replaced by a set of sites and said designed by a site I had never seen in my life. One of the main sites ripping off my stuff and adding in footer links that were not there before is ecybermedia.com and wordpresstemplates.name- It’s very frustrating working for hours on themes and then someone comes and takes credit for your hard work just by changing the footer links not to be rude or anything but why would I help fix a theme that I don’t even get credit for.. Amazingly this whole experience made me meet a wonderful lady last night- she was amazing. Sending a great big hug to Random and Odd I probably need to put up a showcase of all my designs as I have way more than most people have had a chance to see so will work on that today. Comments-2>>>>

  • Free Wordpress Theme - Nite Life

  • Posted by: Ophelia
    This is my latest wordpress release it is called Nite Life - Beautiful theme- Hope everyone enjoys. Picture is actually of NY -even though I’ve never been thought it was a beautiful picture to design a theme around.
    Theme is widget ready- valid Css and Xhtml

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